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Installation of 12 sets of washing machine and suction simultaneously on a variety of chassis including Iveco and Mercedes-Benz
Design and production of washing machines and simultaneous suction and washing machine drainage channel
Installation of the first swept on the road Senior Model Volvo 440
Design and production aid for municipalities
Installation of the first device for spraying urea runway
Design and production of multifunctional car equipped with Sandblasting salt, cranes and snow dumps
Installation of the first examples of asphalt in the country
Installation of the first system of street cleaning
Design and production of Fire
Design and production of devices equipped with guard rails salted salty streets Vtyghh snow on the chassis Benz Yvnymag
Commissioning and maintenance of more than 40 kinds of Broom manufactured by Schmidt and Madvac
Production, installation and commissioning of equipment for winter include snow plow blades and salt Sandblasting equipment on the chassis of domestic production
Installation of three saline reservoir manufactured by Moro
Production of salt tank
Installation 6 waste presses manufactured by Moro
Installation Broom 7 m³ manufactured by Schmidt on the trucks Amico 1929 M

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